Koeke 10

Where taste and
passion come together

Where taste and passion come together

For breakfast or brunch big or small, you need to be at
Koeke 10

Start your day off right with delicious sandwiches, breakfast baskets and so much more from our brand new business Koeke 10!

Discover a world of flavour in every bite, with fresh ingredients and surprising combinations. Indulge in our delicious creations, made with love and craftsmanship.

Our menu

Taste the flavour of convenience, Koeke 10 brings your treat at home, a treatment anytime

Enjoy a delicious breakfast, brunch or lunch at home or with friends. At Koeke 10 you can find a very diverse range of dishes to take away or have delivered to your home.

Don’t feel like worrying about the menu during your break or before a meeting? KOEKE 10 delivers catered lunch boxes to your place of work.

You can join us to hold a meeting or a birthday party.

You are also welcome at our monthly events, a place where everyone can feel at home regardless of age or background.
Therefore, you will lack nothing, everything is taken care of in detail by our enthusiastic hospitable team of Koeke 10.

Through our social media, we will keep you informed about our varied offer and our events.

Our possibilities